This time, the works of the newly admitted members of the Studio - unlike traditional installation - are presented in the exhibition space of the Studio Gallery. For our request all of the junior members wrapped and introduced their works in themselves unusual way - by video - or prepared with a new idea, reflecting to the request. As outcome the video - with interview, face, voice or without - can be seen in the Studio Gallery together with the packed works.

How much our goal - to give everyone an intimate moment by these personal messages- can be successful, it depends on the one and a half hour video, which is the only surface, where the works can be seen.

Two times - on 6th and 13th of February - there will be unpacking days, when the visitors can see the real works and meet the artists too.

But for the final unpacking of the works we have to wait till the unpacking action of the finissage, till 20th of February.