Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be too late!

While questioning the perception of the value and the form of artwork destined by the relationship between its production time and the short lived exhibition, the participating artists propose to discuss the mystification of the production process and how time constraints influence the production.
The exhibiting artists engage in a self-imposed experiment of working under a tight time schedule in order to inquire whether producing a consequential, autonomous work of art is possible in such restrictive conditions, while challenging their own already established art production practices. 
The time is not only a limitation but a push for a performative awareness in present time, giving a chance to address paradoxical and controversial social dynamics of our times. 
Some allow possibilities from incompleteness or temporality in work by displaying the struggle or the process of production.
Others address the anxieties and the stress resulting from an active artistic practice burdened by constant time management challenges – chasing deadlines, pressure to always be actual, meeting expectations.