that is that

2011     I     plaster, wood, polyester, acryl     I     275 x 165 x 170 cm 

This installation comprises three sculptural elements: the Cloud, the Pillow on the staircase and the vertical bearing wooden beam which connects the two main parts structurally together. The main elements of the work built on its formal tension were inspired by previous problem raising. The work made on the basis of variability that is of great importance for the artist does not have a central view. The raw wood structure of the inside set-up becomes visible when you walk around it. This visual experience is in contrast with the external perspective of the other side of the sculpture being clean., white but heavily structured. The geometricity of the stairs and the organically shaped pillow placed on it get in tight interaction with the above floating clouds patched together from reductive forms, precipitating organic association.

text by Tibor Iski Kocsis

nude seating on stairs

2007     I     PVC, paint     I     100 x 90 x 70 cm